WATCH: Bizarre creature or whale? What was spotted in the River Thames?

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It’s not the Loch Ness monster, but…what is it?

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A video of something large moving through London’s River Thames was shot from the Emirates Airline (a cable car in London) and uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago by the user Penn Plate. It has now gone viral.

Of course, people are suggesting that it’s some mysterious creature (it can’t be the Loch Ness monster since that’s in Scotland — unless Nessie decided to take a holiday).

But there are a few explanations that don’t involve the word “monster,” “creature” or even “alien.”

For one, whales — though, rare — have been seen swimming through the Thames. The Zoological Society of London even notes that mammals such as seals and whales are using the river.



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    In January 2006, a whale that had lost its way from the North Sea, swam upstream in the Thames. According to The Guardian, it was the first time since 1913 that a northern bottlenose whale had been seen in the river. She died a day later.

    There are also some suggestions that it could be a submarine. However, whatever it is in the video looks more natural than human-built.

    And then there are some who suggest the whole thing could be a hoax.

    Nobody else has reported seeing the “Thames Monster,” but you can be sure that many will be trying to spot whatever it was.

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