Saint John Deputy Police Chief subject of criminal investigation

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There is a new twist in the investigation sparked by police testimony at the Dennis Oland murder trial.


Allegations against Saint John Police Deputy Chief Glen McCloskey during the Richard Oland murder investigation led to Chief John Bates asking the New Brunswick Police Commission to look into the matter.

That inquiry has now turned into a criminal investigation.

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Now-retired Staff Sergeant Mike King was one of the officers at the scene of Richard Oland’s murder in July of 2011.

His testimony proved to be a bombshell when King suggested on the stand that then-inspector Glen McCloskey asked that he lie about his actions around the crime scene the day after Richard was murdered.

McCloskey took the stand and denied King’s allegations.

King’s testimony prompted Chief John Bates to ask the New Brunswick Police Commission to investigate the matter under the Police Act. That got underway at the conclusion of Oland’s trial in December.

Steve Roberge, executive director of the New Brunswick Police Commission said it didn’t take long for retired Fredericton Police chief Barry McKnight, who was carrying out the investigation, to find some red flags.

“Within weeks I would say it was clear to Mr. McKnight that there were criminal allegations that needed to be examined in the file as well,” said Roberge.

It was at that time the Commission suspended its investigation, something Roberge says is not uncommon.

“It happens very frequently where we have a complainant alleging that a police officer —; that alleges to misconduct,” he said.

“We begin the investigation and during that time the complainant is criminally charged by the police force.”

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The Halifax Regional Police Department has been asked to take over the investigation.

“I guess it does happen from time to time that different agencies request other agencies to investigate if there’s any potential wrongdoing, for transparency,” said HRP spokesperson Const. Dianne Woodworth

The police commission probe will resume at the conclusion of the criminal investigation.

Deputy Chief McCloskey remains on active duty.

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