Lethbridge street sweepers to tow cars from no parking areas on cleaning days

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LETHBRIDGE – Street sweeping season officially kicks off next week when city crews will be cleaning up winter sanding materials, such as gravel and other debris. But city staff say they are starting to get a little more strict when it comes to people leaving vehicles on the streets.

Starting this year, the city says if you leave your vehicle in the no parking area on street sweeping day, they will tow your vehicle out of the way, and return it when the cleaning is completed.



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    “There will be no ticket or fine and they will not be responsible for towing fees,” City of Lethbridge transportation operations manager Lee Perkins said. “This is a very courteous, polite way of trying to help residents help us.”

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    Street sweeping is one of the city’s major pollution control programs, saving the materials from entering the sewer system and the Oldman River.

    “During the rainy season in June, the dirt and debris that’s left from where the parked cars are eventually makes its way to a catch basin, and of course it plugs the catch basins and causes other problems,” Perkins said.

    Three methods of notification will go out prior to street sweeping in the city. First, a flyer will be sent out one week before cleaning is expected to begin, weather permitting. Second, a “no parking” sandwich board will be placed in the area reminding residents the day before. Third, red tickets will be left on vehicles the night before, reminding drivers to move their vehicles between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

    The city says this is the last year they will be politely reminding drivers to keep their vehicles off of the road, and that next season, cars will simply be ticketed or towed and impounded at the owners cost.

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