Conflict of interest forces ethics commissioner to have BC counterpart weigh in on Redford matter

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EDMONTON – A conflict of interest is complicating the Alberta government’s response to a former Supreme Court judge’s report. That report, presented Monday, suggested previous conflict-of-interest allegations against former premier Alison Redford should be reviewed again.

On Tuesday, the government announced Alberta Ethics Commissioner Marguerite Trussler would not be advising Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley on the matter, citing a potential conflict of interest.


“Hon. Marguerite Trussler, Q.C. has advised that she knows individuals involved in the matter, and in order to ensure the matter is reviewed without a perception of bias, she has appointed the British Columbia Conflicts of Interest Commissioner, Paul Fraser, Q.C., to act on her behalf,” Ganley said in a news release. “I look forward to hearing from Mr. Fraser.”

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On Monday, Frank Iacobucci issued a report recommending the 2013 investigation into Redford’s actions didn’t have all the information and documentation needed for a thorough review.

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Then-ethics commissioner Neil Wilkinson was tasked with looking into what led to Redford awarding a major contract to a Calgary law firm she had close ties with when she was justice minister.

The firm, JSS Barristers, listed Redford’s former husband as a partner. It was hired to represent the province in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against tobacco companies.

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Wilkinson’s report cleared Redford of any conflict in how she awarded the contract.

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