BC singer breaches Buckingham Palace security for latest music video

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The images are grainy and the faces are blurred, but a new music video featuring a B.C. musician is causing quite a stir in the U.K.

The video is set in Buckingham Palace and features musicians who appear to be a Baroque band but actually feature members of an alt-pop duo. They perform their latest single, tricking their audience right to the very end.

“I was stressing out,” said Trail B.C’s Rachel Zeffira, a classically-trained soprano who makes up one half of the duo Cat’s Eyes.

“It was really stressful. The thing that stressed me out the most was the recorder players. I thought they were going to blow the whole thing.”

According to the introduction to their music video, Cat’s Eyes attempted to gain access to Buckingham Palace with the aim of performing a song from their new album. Under the guise of being a Renaissance ensemble, they gatecrashed a private art talk.

“The guests thought they were listening to authentic Renaissance and Baroque-era compositions featured on the famous Pittenweem Clock. They weren’t.”


Instead, Cat’s Eyes performed their latest single, We’ll Be Waiting.

“I didn’t think we would get our instruments into the palace,” Zeffira said. “I knew if we played our song as it is on the album, there would be no (question) they would let us in with drums and guitars and amps and microphones, so I picked the most innocent instrument I could think of, which is the recorder.”

This isn’t the first time Cat’s Eyes has done something so audacious. In 2011, they broke out their first single during Sunday mass at the Vatican, with Zeffira playing the cathedral organ.

“We like to have fun,” she said. “As long as no one’s getting hurt and it’s harmless, it’s fine. It’s worth a try.”

So where might their next undercover gig be?

“We’re thinking of the Pentagon next, I’ll let you know,” Zeffira said.

As for this latest stunt, no word if the Queen was amused.

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