8 things every homeowner should know how to do

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Owning a home is a big undertaking – things always seem to need fixing or cleaning. When push comes to shove, there are a few skills that will make owning a property feel easy – like being able to unclog a toilet or dealing with a gas leak. Here are eight things every homeowner should know how to do, courtesy of the experts at HGTV.

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Clean appliances
Brand new appliances in your brand new home? Lucky you! Keep them in tip top shape with regular cleaning (yes, dishwashers and washers need washing too!). Running your dishwasher and washer with vinegar is a great natural option.

Clear gutters safely
Determined to clear gutters yourself? Ensure you do it safely with a spotter below. Installing gutter screens can also hugely reduce the amount of leaves and debris that build up. Click through for an easy how-to DIY video on installing gutter screens.

Deal with leftover paint
Whether you’re storing paint for future touch ups or disposing of cans, make sure you handle leftover paint properly. This will ensure you do it a) the right way for future use or b) the safe way. One big thing to keep in mind?  Your leftover paint will last a couple of years indoors. Don’t bother storing it in a garage, where it’ll freeze and thaw – today’s low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints aren’t built to freeze and won’t be useable.

Find a wall stud
Hanging pictures, mirrors and shelves seems simple enough, but it’s important to know what materials you’re working with (for example, plaster versus drywall), and what tools you’ll need to do the job without ripping out your entire wall. Click through for Bryan Baeumler’s step-by-step guide.

Unclog toilets and sinks
Welcome to the ugly side of homeownership. Be prepared with a plunger in hand. Trust us, you won’t want to run out for one when disaster strikes.

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Silence squeaky doors
Don’t let minor annoyances build up around your house. Address the little issues, like squeaky doors, to avoid complete disarray. Grab the WD-40 or even cooking spray in a pinch!

Survive a gas leak
Gas leaks are serious and every homeowner should be prepared for a worst case scenario. If you smell gas and you think there’s a leak, don’t: smoke or strike a match, turn on a light, use a phone or any sort of electrical appliance. Do: alert those around you, turn off the main gas valve (if possible), leave the door open (as you leave) and hightail it to a neighbour’s house to call 911 and your gas company.

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Treat carpet stains
Spills happen, it’s how you react to them that demonstrates the kind of homeowner you are. Be prepared with brushes and stain removers (we love vinegar and baking soda as on-hand ingredients). Many people report success with nail polish remover. Click through for more tips on removing stains from a variety of surfaces.

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